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  • Autoclaves CLG-32 L Japan

    Model: CLG – 32 L
    Brand: ALP
    Origin:  Japan

    Technical Specifications
    Capacity (Liters) 54 Liters Chamber (usable inner dia x depth) Ø320 x 676 mm
    Operating Temperature Sterilizations 100˜140° c
    Dissolution / warning Dissolution: 40˜99°c, warming 40˜60°c
    Maximum operating pressure 0.270 MPa  
    Sterilization / Dissolution / Warm time Sterilizations / dissolutions : 0 min ˜ 48 hrs 00 min.(& continuous) warming : 0 min ˜ 48 hrs  00 min
    Air exhaust system Gravity substitution : pulse air purge by temp & press sensing or timed free steaming (time : adjustable) selectable
    Memorized programs 15(16… DVP) programs available by operation pattern and data
    Vacuum pump Water sealed vacuum pump  Pre- vacuum Triple pulse vacuum system
    Vacuum drying Alternate operation of vacuum and suction or continuous vacuum operation   Heating method  Electrically heated chamber outside
    Drying temp range  60 to 150°c  Drying time 0 min ~100 hrs 00 min Suction air filter  0.2 µm micro cartridge filter
    Start timer  Able to set operation start by calendar month day hour minute 
    Drain value  CLG models manual value CLG DVP model automatic valve & manual valve
    Auto water supply  Automatic water supply system from city water faucet by level sensor & controller  Pre heat system  To shorten the come up time 40~75°c provided only with auto water supply   Exhaust air filter  PTFE  membrane filter (bore 0.2µm) in stainless housing on front outer panel  Safety device  Lid interlock system electro mechanical lock system double check system of lid close over pressure detector  over temp detector water lack preventer sensor break indicator abnormal time indicator memory of power failure safety valve breaker for slight  leakage over current & short circuit. 
    Pressure equipment directive Category II
    Safety valve 0.270MPa Hydrostatic test  0.538MPa
    Pressure gauge 0~0.7MPa  -0~0.6MPa Pressure sensor -0.1~0.5MPa
    Material of chamber SUS 304 stainless steel
    Material of  enclosure Steel with melamine resin/heat resistant plastic
    Power requirement AC220/230/240V Single phase 50/60 Hz
    Current rating 12A Heat output 2.6/2.8/2.9KW
    Outer dimensions (WxDxH) /Weight 550 x 550 x900 mm/ 65 kg

  • Autoclaves  Model: CLG ? 32 L Brand: ALP Origin:  Japan
    Autoclaves Model: CLG ? 32 L Brand: ALP Origin: Japan