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Origin: Spain

Telstar, part of the azbil group, provides added value and global solutions to address technological areas as diverse as Life and Health Sciences (pharmaceutical, biotech and related industries), Scientific Research andDevelopment (studies for aerospace, telecommunications, microelectronics, etc...) and Industry (automotive, domestic and industrial cooling, chemicals, etc...).Telstar has a worldwide presence, with manufacturing plants in Spain, China, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, centres of technology excellence in Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom; and engineering, consulting and validation service centres in Brazil, India, China, Italy, Portugal, Bangladesh and Spain, and also sales offices in Mexico, the United States, France, Japan and Malaysia. Telstar invests 3% of its turnover in research, development and innovation of its technologies and equipment. Based in Terrassa, a town close to the dynamic metropolitan area of Barcelona (Spain), Telstar currently has a team of 900 highly qualified employees.

Product:Horizontal & vertical laminar flow bench,Biosafety cabinet, Laboratory freeze dryers, Cold storage ETC....


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  • Freeze Dryer Spain

    Freeze Dryer
    Model: LyoQiest-85   
    Brand: Telstar
    Origin: Spain    

    Technical Specification
    Two choices of temperature: -55°C and -85°C.
    Wide range of accessories and options to accommodate every freeze drying application
    Ice condenser capacity::  8 (6 kg/24h) Kg
    Ultimate condenser temp. <-55 °C <-85°C
    Number of Compressor: 2
    Base unit weight : 70 Kg
    Total power: 1.4 KW
    Supplied complete with BENCHTOP FREEZE DRYER, including:
    Condenser in stainless steel to -85ºC (for room temperature up to 21ºC)
    Vacuum pump 8,1 m3/h, with exhaust filter and
    system of oil recovery
    PLC control with touch screen
    230 V – 50 Hz
    75292 -Standard unheated chamber (Cylindrical acrylic unheated chamber with 3 shelves).
    Ø215x300 , 3 layer tray
    LyoQuest Plus allows fully automatic or semiautomatic work. Auto-start up and automatic switch off routines are included.
    Pressure control: manual control (for LyoQuest Series) or automatic control of vacuum (for LyoQuest Plus Series) for faster freeze drying and reproducible results.
    Side mounted vacuum and drain connections with valves.
    Upright AISI 316L condenser with total capacity of 8 kg, which permits freezing of the samples. Automatic defrosting function. Condenser design allows easy and quick cleaning and defrosting. 

  • Freeze Dryer Origin: Spain
    Freeze Dryer Origin: Spain