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Origin: England

Quality Lab System (QLS) based in the Dorset, England is a privately owned British manufacturer and supplier of high quality laboratory equipment. The QLS range comprises of Centrifuges, PCR Thermal Cyclers, Shakers and Mixers, Liquid Handling Products, Stirrers and Hotplates. Our objective is to become a one stop supplier for the Laboratory Equipment needs of our clients, in order to achieve this we are working on new product lines to supplement the existing range over the coming months and years.QLS has a worldwide network of dealers, distributors and agents stocking, promoting, distributing and supporting our equipment Our mission is to provide high quality, cost effective laboratory equipment for chemical, biological, clinical and veterinary laboratories backed by a world class commitment to customer service.

Product: Centrifuge, PCR /Thermal Cycler, Shakers and Mixers, Pipettes, Ovens, Incubator, Magnetic Stirrers, Hotplates, Etc.....

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  • QLS Roller Classic

      Voltage[VAC] 100-240
      Frequency[Hz] 50/60
      Power[W] 25
      Rocking motion Rocking and rolling
      Amplitude 24
      Max. load capacity [kg] 4
      Motor type DC motor
      Number of rollers 6
      Roller length [mm] 280
      Speed range[rpm] 0-70
      Operation type Continuous
      Dimensions[D×W×H mm] 450x260x120
      Weight[kg] 4.5
      Permissible ambient temperature ℃ 5-40
      Permissible relative humidity 80%  Protection class IP21

  • QLS Roller Classic
    QLS Roller Classic