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Erba is a global company focused on creating a social impact in the developing nations of the world by delivering innovative, affordable and sustainable healthcare solutions.

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  • Elisa Reader Erba LisaScan II Germany

    Elisa Reader/Micro Plate Reader
    Model: Erba LisaScan II
    Brand: ERBA
    Origin: Germany

    Technical  Specification
    User interface: large touch screen LCD with backlight
    Plate type : 96 wall plate(U, V or Flat bottom)
    Wavelength: accuracy (±2nm), half width (±12nm), peak transmittance (±35%).
    Wavelength range: 400-750 nm
    Filter 405nm, 450 nm,492nm,630. 3 free position for optional filters
    Reading range: 0-3.5 A
    Reading unit: 8 channel
    Light source: tungsten halogen 12V/20W
    Absorbance resolution: 0.001 A
    Absorbance accuracy: ±0.03A (0-2.5A)
    Reatability(CV, %): ≤1% linearity
    Wavelength Range (Nm): 405-630
    Absorbance: 0.0-2.5
    Linearity Error%: ≤±2.5%
    Stability: ≤0.005A/10min
    Reading speed: single wavelength ≤12s/plate (96 well plate); Dual wavelength < 30s/ plate(96 well plate)
    Plate mixing: 3 linear speed(high, normal, low)

    Operation Environment
    Power supply: AC 220V ,50/60Hz
    Input power: 100VA
    Ambient temp: 10°C-40°C
    Storage temp: 10°C-50°C
    Relative humidity: UP TO 90%
    Weight: 9.6 KG

  • Elisa Reader Germany
    Elisa Reader Germany