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Origin: Germany

As a family-owned company, Nabertherm is furnished with the essential financial power and independency, to develop and expand its internationally leading position in the industrial furnace industry with high technology.

Muffle/ Preheating/Ashing furnaces, Chamber furnaces , Oven and forced convection chamber furnaces, Vacuum pumps, Retort furnaces Etc...

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  • Muffle Furnace LT 5 /12 Germany

    Electric Muffle Furnace
    Model: LT 5 /12
    Brand: Nabertherm
    Origin: Germany

    Technical Specification
    Capacity: 5 L
    Maximum Temperature: 1200ºC
    Display: Digital LCD display
    Controller: Digital PID Controller
    Time: 75 min. for maximum temperature.
    Safety device: Over-temperature limiter with adjustable cutout temperature for thermal protection, temperature limiter to protect the furnace and load
    Inner Dimension: W200 x D170 x H130 mm
    Outer Dimension: W440 x D470 x H520 mm
    Power supply: Single Phase, 240V, 50/60Hz
    Electric Load: 2.4 kw Weight: 35 kg
    Ceramic heating plates with integral heating element which is safeguarded against fumes and splashing, and easy to replace.
    Heating from two sides by ceramic heating plates.
    Digital PID controller. Lift door with hot surface facing away from the operator.

  • Muffle Furnace Germany
    Muffle Furnace Germany