Origin: Spain: Over more than 60 years as manufacturers of scientific equipments for laboratories, J.P. Selecta has achieved in consolidating a prestigious position in this market, distributing to more than 100 countries.

Product:Stirrers,Pumps,Autoclaves,Low temperature,Baths,Immersion thermostats and dry blocks,Centrifuges,Ovens,incubators and furnaces,Instrumental, Instruments for biologie and histology, Heating mantles and hotplates, Analytical techniques, Nutritional and water analysis Balances, microscopes and melting point, Monitor and control apparatus, Safety Etc...

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  • Shaking Incubator D-1102 Spain

    Shaking Incubator
    Model: D-1102
    Brand: JP Selecta/Optic Ivymen System
    Origin: Spain

    Technical Specification
    Controllable speed range :  from 25 to 300 r.p.m.
    Controllable speed in steps of : 1 r.p.m.
    Rotation amplitude : 25 mm
    Heating: Yes
    Controllable temperature range From 4 °C up to 60 °C
    Chamber temperature uniformity ±1 °C
    Timer From 0 to 999 hours
    Usable platforms dimensions 460 x 460 mm
    Platforms number 1
    Erlenmeyers maximum capacity:  9 x 1000 ml or 9 x 500 ml or 16 x 250 ml, (see accessories) or 20 x 100 ml or 25 x 50 ml
    Height x Width x Depth: 620 x 630 x 840 mm
    Weight: 76 Kg  Power:  800 W
    Power supply 220v/50-60Hz

  • Shaking Incubator Spain
    Shaking Incubator Spain