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Country of origin: UK With the clarity of vision to respond to evolving needs in modern microscopy, our company was founded on its unique abilities to deliver high precision microscopes and optical instruments. From design concepts to finished products, our brand captures the essence of optical and mechanical perfection.

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  • Essential-V6 Brand: UVITEC Origin: UK

    Gel Documentation System
    Model: Essential-V6
    Brand: UVITEC
    Origin: UK

    Technical Specification

    Camera and Optics
    6 megapixels (extended)
    F/1.2 scientific zoom lens
    High-speed USB technology
    3-megapixel native resolution
    4.0 dynamic range
    21x26cm field of view
    Lighting & Illuminations

    UV-transilluminator: 20M, 26M, 26MX (Uvipure)
    20M – 312nm, 20x20cm
    26MX – 312nm, Uvipure, 21x26cm
    26LM – 312+365nm, 21x26cm
    EPI-white LED panels
    Trans-white light (optional)
    Trans-blue light (optional)

    Stainless-steel made
    Chemical-resistant paint
    Full door aperture and slide- out transilluminators
    Fully automated system (lighting, focus, exposure) 100% Software-controlled
    F-590 filter included
    Fixed transilluminator

    • DNA/RNA gels:
    Ethidium Bromide & safe stains (Gel Red & Green, Midori Green, Emerald, SYBR Green, SYBR Safe/Gold, Bodiply, DAPI, SYPRO Ruby…)
    • Colorimetric stained protein gels:Coomassie Blue, Cooper, Silver, Ponceau S Red
    • Stain-free/pre-cast gels, colony dish, X-ray films…

    2019 Uvitec-1D© license-free software:
    • Unlimited users & computer installation
    • Default and fully-customizable protocols
    • Acquisition modes: Auto, Manual, Preview
    • 3D visualization and live-3D acquisition modes
    Image enhancement tools: text, crop, rotate,
    background subtraction, artifact corrections,
    Analysis: quantification & normalisation, molecular weight, distances calculation, colony counting
     21CFR part 11 ready (optional CFR21 add-on)
    Uvitec-1D included License-free software for unlimited users
    Image acquisition, editing and analysis features

  • Gel Documentation System Origin: UK
    Gel Documentation System Origin: UK